Name and Claim Your Top 5 Strengths and Partner with a Professional Coach at this Free Event

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4:00 pm


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Are you spending time in areas of your life where feeling frustrated, where you don’t flourish? Do you feel like you are trying to fit in or you are holding back your true self? Does it seem like you are walking on eggshells” to get along at work or in relationships?

At this free event, you’ll get to name and claim your top five signature strengths and learn when they are your greatest asset and when they may get in your way. Recognizing your strengths, valuing, and leveraging those qualities can help you create and live your best life personally and professionally.

Register for this July 5th free laser coaching event to support you in discovering your signature strengths and how to lead from the best part of you to create the life you desire in 2018!

At this fun interactive event, we will delve into your top five strengths and how they can contribute to individual and team success.

After the short interactive event, you will get to sign up for a 20-minute focused coaching session to partner with one of our professional coaches from our team of coaches where you’ll explore the power of your strengths and your own unique solutions for life personally and professionally.

We invite you before the event to take this free strengths assessment and to bring the results with you.

The event will kick-off with an interactive activity with Ryan J. Schoenbeck, Ph.D., P.C.C and DeAnne Pearson, M.Ed., A.C.C. Ryan loves working with teams of leaders creating greater connection and positive results. DeAnne loves to connect deeply with individuals and groups taking them from default jobs to deliberate careers.

About Your Coaches

Ryan J. Schoenbeck, Ph.D., P.C.C. is an ICF credentialed executive and mentor coach. Ryan works with leaders to expand their contributions and help create and amplify leadership with all those they contribute with around the world. He has been in business for over 10 years and he has worked, contributed to the professional development, and created innovations in organizations for over 33 years. Ryan has given 45 titled leadership and organizational development talks. He has taught 21 graduate and three undergraduate leadership courses in four universities. Ryan has convened global community leadership conversations for over 20 years. Ryan co-leads as the president of the International Coach Federation Greater Austin Charter Chapter. Explore more at

DeAnne Pearson, M.Ed., A.C.C., has more than twenty years of coaching experience in the areas of career, business, and personal fulfillment. Her articles, editorials, and interviews have appeared throughout the nation and Europe, and in publications such as Better Homes and Gardens, Citi Bank’s Women and Company and Focus on Women. DeAnne has been featured as a guest speaker and coach at numerous national conferences and major organizations including eBay, Microsoft, and The Black MBA’s National Leadership Conference. Some of the subjects that she loves to present include: Finding Meaning and Purpose in your Life and Work; The 3 Ps: Your Path, Your Product, and Your Profit; The Three Types of Income You Need to Create in Your Business; and Balance is for Ballerinas. DeAnne lives in Austin, Texas. She coaches clients throughout the U.S. and abroad helping people and businesses get unstuck and create success. Find out more about DeAnne at

Christie Hollis is a native Texas Austinite, a Transformational Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, & Hypnotist trained by the Empowerment Partnership and owner of Amplify Your Life Coaching. She enjoys helping people who feel like they are lacking a life’s purpose find their joy & passion, so they can live their most fulfilled life. See more about Christie at

Alice Mar Rocher earned a Master of Adult Education and Human Resource Leadership Development from the University of Texas at Austin and has over twenty years of experience in Human Resources leading, coaching and motivating managers and employees to peak performance. As a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, consultant, and transformational breakthrough coach, Alice helps clients gain renewed energy and empowerment to take decisive action toward their goals.

Dr. Fred Blum is an expert and helping people live the lives they were made for. Dr. Fred has degrees in psychology and chiropractic and he’s helped people create amazing lives for over 25 years. When that deep inner voice calls and just won’t leave you alone, he’s your man. Find out more about Fred at

Dorothy Mankey is founder and president of Coreisma Consulting, a strategic planning and leadership development firm that helps leaders increase productivity and find passion in their work. Dorothy’s mission is to help leaders feel happier, work smarter, and achieve more. See more about Dorothy at

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