Conversation Café: What is my experience being optimistic?

Start Time

1:30 pm


Finish Time

3:00 pm


Dear Conversation Café Participants, 

Please accept this invitation to participate in this Sunday’s Conversation Café.  We invite you to bring guests.

This weeks question was inspired by a topic that showed up in our last conversation.

Topic:  What is my experience being optimistic?

When:  Sunday, August 22, 2010 from 1:30PM – 3:00 PM

Where:  Triumph Café at 3808 Spicewood Springs Rd, Austin, TX‎ (512) 343-1875‎.

In addition to the company of your fellow conversationalists, enjoy the delicious food, imported teas, and assorted beverages.

Please remember, however, our “Conversation” begins promptly at 1:30 PM.  If in doubt, show up early – ‘good’ seats go fast.

If you wish to “Café” as well, please make sure you are ready to “Converse” by our stated start time of 1:30 PM.

Check out the Conversation Café’s Purpose and Principles.

Your Conversation Café Hosts,

Ryan, Tobin, and Michelle 

This Week’s Conversation Café Tip: Dance with the conversation. Let the conversation inspire and lead the dance rather than stepping on its toes and imposing on it.

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