The Mastery of Self Expression Workshop

Self Expression

Start Time

7:00 pm


Finish Time

6:00 pm



Austin, TX

This is one of my favorite workshops I did in 2007 and that I credit for expanding my options for how I express myself. I didn’t even know how much I was over-identifying with my preferences of who I was becoming and limiting myself. During and after this workshop, I discovered a vast amount of options which opened me up and led to being of greater service with years of contributing through speaking, leading, facilitating, and teaching to local and international audiences, leadership development and coaching clients, and students.

*The only preparation is to memorize a one and a half minute monologue, poem, or song – original works are welcome and famous works are common and also very welcome.

Feel free to forward this to people in your life you think will benefit.


Led by Van Brooks, Diana Rose, and Ryan Schoenbeck

A weekend workshop to take your creativity to the next level.

September 20th, 21st, & 22nd

Friday 7:00pm – Midnight

Saturday 10:30am – 10:30pm

Sunday 10:00am – 6:00pm

Party Afterwards

Location: in Austin and will be revealed after you confirm your participation

Limit 20 (There are a few slots left as of September 17, 2019)

Only $250 –  Paid via PayPal, cash, or check.

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“My aim as a teacher is to aid in the development of practical, dynamic, and confident people whose work is a reflection of their creativity and willingness. I believe that people want to be challenged in order to grow and expand. I also believe that in order to achieve the goals that creative people set for themselves, they need to be mentored and encouraged. I feel that everyone is a creative being, whether you’re an actor, painter, writer, singer, dancer, salesperson, computer programmer, proofreader, whatever. In everyone’s heart is a connection to the desire to communicate something meaningful to the world.” -Van Brooks

The MASTERY has been a touchstone for people from all walks of life to move forward in their creativity and their careers. In one weekend you’ll move to the next level in your skills, passion, creativity, focus, and understanding of what it takes to go out in the world and make things happen for yourself.

You’ll discover new ways to explore and express the uniqueness that makes you special. More than just another weekend workshop, the MASTERY will give you the tools you need for:

  • A huge leap in confidence to take into your life, your relationships, and your art.
  • Freeing yourself to be a more expressive person.
  • Understanding how people see you the way they do.
  • Becoming more creative, understanding how to create out of “nothing”.
  • Stronger connection and better communication with others.
  • Getting out of your head and dealing with the moment in ways you’ve never done.
  • Understanding what’s unique about you that you don’t see.
  • How to create your own inspiration.
  • Constantly increasing your sense of joy about the whole process.

Van Brooks has been an actor/teacher/director/writer/photographer for the past 42 years. He is formerly the General Manager of the Actor’s Institute in New York (where he trained with the founder of the Institute and the creator of the MASTERY, Dan Fauci). Van has led the Mastery of Self Expression workshop for 34 years. He also founded the Seattle Actor’s Lab, and has taught classes and led workshops in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Dallas, Houston, and Austin.

As an actor, coach, and photographer he has worked with some of the top people in the business, including Academy Award winners Joel and Ethan Coen, Frances McDormand, and Marissa Tomei; Golden Globe, Emmy, Tony, and Obie winner Mary-Louise Parker, Janis Joplin, The Rolling Stones, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, as well as such diverse talent as Rip Torn, Kelly Lynch, Alan Rudolph, Lou Diamond Phillips, Christopher Durang, and many more.

Here is the description promoted by the founder, mentor, and friend, Dan Fauci:

The Mastery of Self Expression
Are you standing at a threshold? Ready to make a change in your work or personal life?

The Mastery of Self Expression is an intensive three-day personal development workshop that will launch you into the next phase of your life. When you attend the Mastery, something will happen; something will shift in your life.

The first step in making a significant life change is to explore, to discover what you want. That means being able to acknowledge your wants, your desires, and your feelings – to express them to yourself. To create the change you want, the next step is to express those desires to others: to say what you want out loud and then identify what is in the way of you getting what you want. That’s why in our first personal growth workshop we focus on mastering self-expression.

At the Mastery workshops, you’ll experience an environment where people are unusually open and authentic. It’s a rare opportunity to see inside others, to discover that many of us have the same fears, challenges, and desires. We’re not so different, or so alone, as we had thought. In turn, you have the opportunity to share your rarely-seen inner self with others; you will be seen. What a profound experience this is!

At the workshop, we create a safe and supportive environment for all participants, so you can give yourself permission to express what you’re feeling, whether it’s love, anger, need, or fear. This doesn’t mean it will easy. The Mastery is a safe place, but it’s not a place where we play safe. It’s a place to take emotional risks and grow. You won’t be sitting around listening and thinking; you’ll be getting up and doing.

The Mastery is a safe place, a place to take risks. It is not a place to play safe.
Attendees have included young adults through to retirees, students, leaders, employees, employers, the unemployed, artists, performers… The unique nature of this personal development workshop, and the compassionate, creative and experienced leadership, results in an experience that is crafted for each participant.

Some of us can’t believe that we can get what we want out of life. We think “this isn’t possible – or least it’s not possible for me”. Unfortunately, most of us are (consciously or unconsciously) committed to being right. As a result, we may act in ways that sabotage our own desires so that we can prove our beliefs right. We may value being right more than we value learning something new that could change our lives.

At the Mastery, we take an in-depth look at our internal beliefs and thoughts and then take a clear look at the world around us to assess whether we’ve been seeing things as they are. We strive to accept that “a thing is what it is”, not what we think it is or what we think it should be. We move from a place of unconsciousness to consciousness, from fogginess to clarity. Because if you’re clear and conscious, you’re dangerous! (in a good way). From there, it’s possible to discover your passion – your vision – and to get out of your head and into your life.

If you’re clear and conscious, you’re dangerous!
Are you ready to start living your life? The life you really want?

What Changes are you Looking to Make?
New job
New career
Move to a new city or country
Get married
Leave marriage
Start family
Start a new business
Forgive someone
Forgive yourself
Reconnect with someone
Grow creatively
Express yourself
Discover your passion
Grow in confidence