Mastering Manhood Conference Austin Texas

Mastering Manhood ATX

Start Time

8:00 am


Finish Time

2:20 pm



Austin Community College: Eastview Campus, 3401 Webberville Road Austin, TX 78702

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I am honored to speak at the Mastering Manhood ATX Conference. Last week, I participated in events where I enjoyed amplifying powerful women leaders. This week I get to inspire men to be generous and compassionate leaders.

In this conference session, I will take us on a journey where we will discover some hidden blocks to break free and shift from a life of blindly drifting in reaction and resentment to leading a life from creation and commitment. Seeing our past through our present informed lens can change our experience of our past. Taking 100% responsibility for our lives is one way to empower and master manhood while contributing to an inspiring community of generations of leaders.

Mastering Manhood Conference

The purpose of the Mastering Manhood Conference is to empower males for personal and professional development, to inspire and encourage men to embrace community, responsibility, family, education, and legacy, and to challenge and strengthen men and young men to be better leaders.

8:00 am – Registration/Breakfast
9:00 am – Program Begins
9:20 am – Opening Keynote
10:15 am – Breakout Session 1
11:15 am – Breakout Session 2
12:00 pm – Lunch & Live Band
1:00 pm – The Kings Panel
1:50 pm – Closing Keynote
2:20 pm – Conference Ends

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